Love for the Buddha bowl

We’re big fans of one-bowl meals. So when Buddha bowls began popping up on menus around the neighborhood, I was immediately intrigued. And, of course, I couldn’t resist trying to recreate them at home.

Easy peasy — especially when you keep it super simple.

I start with brown rice:


Add spinach sautéed quickly in olive oil:


Then chicken cut into bite size pieces (this is boneless, skinless chicken thighs baked without seasoning to 165 degrees):


And then shredded carrots, steamed, and a few dashes of soy sauce:


Lastly, top with a fried egg. (Side note: I knew I’d succeeded when Mike walked in the kitchen, saw this and said, “Hey! It’s one of those Buddha bowls!”)


It doesn’t stay pretty for long, once you dice the egg to mix the yolk with the rice, chicken and vegetables:


It also won’t stay full for long. Seriously, it’s that good. (And did I mention easy?)


2 thoughts on “Love for the Buddha bowl

  1. Darci, love this! Thanks for reminding me about Buddha bowls. I didn’t realize they’d become a local menu item, though my daughter recognized it immediately from Standard Market Grill. I’ve had them at Kripalu, a yoga retreat in MA, though theirs are vegetarian or vegan. I’m on my second one since reading your post. Once you make some brown rice and have some supplies on hand (I roasted squash the other night and cooked kale — both were frozen and pre-cut to save time), you can put one together in a few minutes, which is really handy for those of us who eat lunch at home.

    • Thanks, Liz! I’m going to try one this week with quinoa, since I have some leftover from dinner last night. I always buy grated carrots to save time, and have used frozen broccoli and turkey meatballs, too. A Buddha bowl is definitely a quick lunch at home.

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